• 5 Ways FOCUS Can Make Your Job Search Less Stressful

    Posted By admin on May05 .

    Finding employment can be a stressful endeavour. With help from FOCUS, it can be easier. You may not be aware of the different paths that you have or the assistance that is out there for your job search until you’ve come into FOCUS.

    Here are 5 Ways FOCUS Can Make Your Job Search Less Stressful


    1.  Build Confidence


    In your first meeting with our staff you will set attainable goals for your job search.

    Nothing beats the feeling of reaching your goal.

    Your Case Managers will help you meet those goals quickly!



    2.  Provide Reassurance


    You will learn about different paths that you can take to find employment.

    Our Staff at FOCUS can help you find new ways of viewing the process of finding employment.

    We can give you the encouragement you need to apply for a job.

    You’re not alone! You can attend a workshop to meet other job seekers.

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    3.  Access to job and training opportunities


    We are in touch with local employers every day.

    Employers post on our job board and come to us when they need to hire.

    We can refer you to additional resources for support in reaching your goals!

    Check out our job board for postings: http://jobboard.focuscdc.on.ca/

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    We can connect you training opportunities through:


    contact north


    learning centre



    next step

    Next Step Literacy https://nextstepliteracy.ca/


    4.  Resources and Tools


    Our Resource Centre has resume templates, resume tips and tricks on how to best highlight your skills.

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    5.  Having an insider view on the latest labour market trends


    FOCUS staff have access to what employers are looking for and we can share those trends and expectations with you.

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    FOCUS will help you find employment and we can make this an exciting transition for you! Stop by and we can help you get started on your job search today!


    This Employment Ontario project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario