The job search market has changed in a big way since the rise of the internet. Now more than ever, we turn to internet searches, online job banks and social media to find potential employment opportunities. By typing a few keywords into Facebook, Google, or your favourite online job site, you can find dozens of jobs (if not more) that match your search. Now, all that’s left to do is click “apply” and you’re on your way, right? Applying online may seem like a breeze, but there’s more to it than just the click of a button.

Is your resume up to date?

Before you start firing off that CV & resume to every job posting that interests you, make sure your information is up to date! This means ensuring your contact information is up to date as well as your employment history. Employers may be wary to see gaps in your employment, so if possible fill in those gaps with any applicable volunteer or freelance work, as well as any education you took that pertains to your career path. Be sure to include workshops, e-learning and/or formal education as it relates to the job.

As an additional tip, tailor your resume & skills according to each job posting. For example, if the job asks for sales experience, be sure to mention your previous sales roles and/or notable achievements in sales on your resume. The more closely you match the requirements of the job, the better chance you have at being chosen as a candidate.

Follow the instructions on the job posting.

After your resume & cover letter is ready for the job you’re interested in, review the job posting and look for specific details about how to apply. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and submit all required information. For example, if the job posting asks specifically for your resume without a cover letter, send them only what they’ve asked for. This way, you show the potential employer you are able to follow instructions closely and keep yourself in the candidate pool. If you send them more that what they ask, or do not follow the instructions, you risk your application being overlooked or removed from the applicant pool entirely.

Make sure you stand out!

Finding jobs online is easier than ever, but keep in mind that employers researching potential applicants is easier than ever now, too! It’s important to showcase your skills both on your resume and online! If you haven’t yet, create an online candidate profile on sites like LinkedIn and ensure your information is up to date & reflects what is said on your resume. Candidate profiles are a great way to show off your many skills to a wider net of potential employers but also show that you are tech savvy, too! Additionally, you will want to review your personal social profiles. Employers may search for you online during the hiring process, so you will want your profiles to be professional. If you would rather keep your personal profiles hidden, consider keeping them private, especially during your job search.

Stay positive and open to opportunities.

Even with the internet, job hunting is no easy task! The most important thing to keep in mind while you’re applying for jobs is to stay positive and open to opportunities! You may find companies or positions you’d never have expected reaching out to you because your skills are exactly what they’ve been looking for! Persistence will be your key to finding opportunities!

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