When you’re new to Canada, it can be overwhelming trying to establish yourself in your community. Aside from finding a home, schools or daycares for your kids, transportation and even health care services, one of the most important priorities when planting your roots is finding a job.  As a new Canadian, how can you make the most of your job search?

  1. Find the right community.

It’s likely that, based on your education and professional experience, you have chosen to settle in a community that has opportunities that align with your skills. For example, if your experience is in the tech sector, you are more likely to find professional success in communities with many IT and technology sector opportunities. The right community will greatly increase your chance to land a great job.

  1. Participate around town.

Networking is a huge influencer when it comes to finding work. If you’re new to the area, consider checking out local events and workshops or even joining a local hobby group that you’d enjoy. You’ll make valuable connections that could help you along the way. Check out our local workshop and events board to get started.

  1. Learn & Observe.

A great initial step in your job search may be to simply observe local job locations you are interested in. While visiting, make note of appropriate work attire for your desired job environment, as well as the day to day tasks that job may include. Little things like this can help tailor your resume and make a great first impression when applying!

  1. Update your skills.

The prospect of interviewing in a new country may be overwhelming, but luckily there are lots of services to help. Before you apply, consider visiting a job assistance service to review and update your resume or practise your interviewing skills. These services are a great way to build a resume that stands out and increase your confidence to help you nail those interviews!

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Job searching is hard, so don’t be afraid to connect with friends, family, neighbours or community services. People are valuable resources in your job search so don’t be afraid to seek assistance. You may be surprised to find that many people have tips, tools or leads to pursue!

Most importantly, stay positive! Finding employment takes a lot of work and doesn’t happen overnight. There are many assistive programs and services in the local community to help you along the way as well, and FOCUS is here to guide you in your search! We offer services like resume building, interview skills, training support and more that can assist you in finding employment. We are also proud to offer job placement and incentives to make your search even easier, and connect you with local networking opportunities to make your new community feel like home faster than you’d think. Contact us today for more information, and we will be happy to welcome you to the community and find a great job just for you.