These days, hiring a qualified candidate isn’t as easy as simply choosing any old applicant from a stack of resumes. You need someone who brings knowledge, experience and professionalism to their role and you want that person to be well-versed in what that role demands, or at minimum, enthusiastic and eager to learn. When it comes to hiring, FOCUS works with local employers to help you post your job, find the right candidate AND helps you retain your new employee. How? With our knowledgeable staff, industry expertise and some great services for any step of the hiring process!

It starts with a job posting

When you’re just starting out in your hiring process, you may or may not know exactly what skills or experience to ask of potential candidates, what your new role will entail or even how to get the word out that your business is hiring! The first step is often the hardest, so where do you start? FOCUS can help you find quality candidates by:

  • Working with you to write an impactful job posting
  • Posting your job on our job boards and social media streams
  • Assisting with job fair planning and organizing

… and so much more! We recognize that each business is different, so our services can be tailored to help meet your needs and goals during this stage. With a little bit of help, you’ll be surprised how many applicants are interested in your role!

Finding the RIGHT hire

Getting the word out there is just the first step in the hiring process. Once you start receiving applications, you’ll need to narrow down your pool of candidates to those who are the right fit for your vacancy. Here’s how we can help make this much easier for you:

  1. We collect resumes on your behalf. Not only do we collect them, but we can screen those resumes and make sure you only see the ones that meet the qualifications listed.
  2. We review our own pool of candidates. We’ve got so much skilled talent in our community, so we review their qualifications to see if we have someone who not only fits the role, but is ready to take on a new opportunity.
  3. We can help with recruiting. Utilizing wage subsidy programs or grants, we help you find qualified candidates while also helping you cut the cost of onboarding and training.
  4. We offer boardroom and office space. Sometimes your primary workplace just isn’t equipped to hold interviews. We can offer multi-use space to help you interview your candidates without the worry.

We’re also proud to offer employers additional resources such as client placements and incentives to make it that much easier to find your next great hire! Did we mention these services are FREE to employers? Our helpful staff is here to ensure your hiring process is as efficient and stress-free as possible. The perfect candidate is out there, and FOCUS is here to help you find them. Contact us today or stop by our Angus or Alliston location to get started!