When you’re looking for candidates to fill a role within your company, you naturally want to find the most qualified candidate for the position. Wouldn’t it be great if that person met all of your requirements, and brought some additional skills you didn’t even know you needed? The trick to finding amazing employees isn’t in bringing in higher volumes of applicants, it’s about selling yourself (and the position) to the RIGHT pool of applicants. When you’re looking for applicants, it’s as much about you standing out as it is for them! Don’t be afraid to tell potential applicants how great your business is right from the get-go, and what better way than to write it into your job posting? Here are other helpful tips for drafting up that job description and recruiting top talent:

Don’t just explain the role, sell it!

Make the best use of your job posting as a tool to get in front of qualified candidates. Assume your candidate is looking for a role just like yours right now. If they’re using resources like online job boards, what makes your posting stand out? Chances are they’ve seen lots of opportunities and, at some point, yours may be overlooked if your posting doesn’t do something to pique their interest. Capture their attention with a few of these writing tips:

  • Create an eye-catching job title. When you’re creating a job posting, most employers will simply put the name of the position. Make your position stand out from the crowd by including a few points that candidates will love! For example, if the role is remote, be sure to add that in the title! Do you offer benefits? Include that, too! Is it a senior or junior role? Make it easy for applicants to remember your post at a glance.
  • Be clear and firm about what ‘must-have’ skills and qualifications are mandatory, and which ones are simply ‘assets’. After all, you know your business better than anyone, so you want applicants who meet the requirements necessary for the role. This will speed up the process of sorting through resumes and save a lot of headaches.
  • Be specific. People like to know about the hours of work, the work environment, the wage range, if travel is involved, if a vehicle is required, and so on.
  • Speak about your story. People like to be a part of a team, so highlight a little bit about your company! Things like your history, interesting things you’ve worked on, awards or even something you do differently in your day-to-day that sets you apart from competitors and employees will find enticing.

Finding those top candidates isn’t an easy job (no pun intended). Whether you manage a small or large business, FOCUS Employment Services is here to lend a hand. We provide free-of-charge job posting assistance, applicant screening, and you can even post your job on our job board to find great local talent! Not only do we save you time and money, we give you the peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands with our expert team. To learn more or to start recruiting for your next hire, contact us today!