When you reflect on your work experience, is there any job that stands out to you as one you particularly enjoyed? Maybe it was a part-time gig you held in school? Or an entry-level position that got you started on your career path? We bet your job satisfaction was largely due to a great company culture! Regardless of the industry, a positive and defined company culture has a huge influence on employee satisfaction, retention and the overall success of your business.

The benefits of a great company culture

A supportive, positive work environment leads to an improved bottom line. How? There are clear benefits that result from being known as “The best place to work”. Here are just a few:

  • Boosts employee morale – People who enjoy their work environment and their co-workers will bring a positive attitude to their roles, everyday.
  • Reduces workplace stress – A positive work environment tends to result in a work force that is less stressed, resulting in happier, healthier, engaged employees
  • Improved team collaboration – When your team enjoys their work, they’re more likely to come together in productive ways to accomplish tasks.
  • Enhanced job performance – strong work cultures foster more motivated, innovative and productive staff.
  • Increased employee retention/loyalty – If your employees like what they’re doing and they feel valued within your business, then why leave and go elsewhere? A strong work culture helps attract and retain top talent!

When everyone works collaboratively towards common goals, you’ll be surprised at what can be achieved simply by creating a strong company culture that promotes positivity.

How do you build company culture?

More likely than not, your company already has an identity. Company culture usually results from factors such as management style, pay rates, workforce expectations, benefits etc., and can work for or against your company. If you want to create a great place to work and enjoy the success that results from a stronger staff base, it’s easier than you might think to nurture that type of environment!

  1. Create achievable goals for your team

Everyone likes the feeling of accomplishment they get when they complete a task, so try incorporating daily, weekly or monthly goals to bring your team together and create something meaningful that everyone can work towards. Don’t forget to include lots of opportunities for staff training and professional development to help them reach their individual or team goals.

  1. Define the meaning & purpose of your business

For many employees, finding meaning and value in their work is one of the biggest factors influencing their job satisfaction. You can lay the groundwork for a positive, meaningful workplace by defining the core values and mission statement for your business. Communicate to individuals that their role within that mission statement is vital, and your team will work harder to uphold those standards!

  1. Give back

Whether it’s including community initiatives or smaller incentives within your company, everyone likes to feel that they’re doing something good to help their friends, their environment, their community or the world!

  1. Encourage a positive environment

Take time for fun (yes, even during business hours!), listen to your employees, recognize and reward hard work, foster a respectful, positive environment and allow for flexibility and creativity. Also, it’s important to address unsafe, negative or toxic behaviours as soon as they pop up so that they don’t become a bigger workplace concern.

  1. Start by working from your existing company culture

There’s no reason to start from scratch when it comes to creating an incredible company culture for you and your team. Review the practises you already have in place and use those as building blocks!

With some simple changes around the workplace, you’ll be surprised at how quickly a positive work environment blooms. Who doesn’t want to have a productive team raving about how awesome their job is, while boosting your brand at the same time? If you’d like some help getting started, FOCUS Employment Services can offer excellent resources, HR tools and an amazing team to help you find and retain top talent. We also provide resources and tools for training, so your staff can continue to grow and succeed. Stop by one of our locations or contact us to learn more and get started on building a great place to work, today!