Post-secondary is a great addition to your resume, but it isn’t for everyone. If you didn’t attend a post-secondary program, don’t let that discourage you during your job search. There are so many great jobs out there for talented people just like you, many of them in and around our local community of Alliston, Tottenham, Beeton, and Angus too. When you’re on the hunt for meaningful employment and you’ve got some awesome skills to bring to the table, Focus is here to help you land a job!

How can we help?

  1. We can help you build a rockstar resume

The first step in any job search starts with a resume. You’ll want to show off those unique skill sets to employers to get their interest right away! At FOCUS, we’re pros at reviewing your resume & we find ways to make a real impact right off the bat!

  1. We can help you nail that Interview

Does the thought of interviewing make you feel a bit nervous? Hey, you’re not alone! We’re here to help you prepare for interviews by building on your skills, so you can really sell yourself to a potential employer. First impressions count, so make sure you nail it with our help!

  1. We help you brush up with skill-building workshops

The path to success in any field relies on continued learning, and that doesn’t necessarily mean post-secondary education. We offer all kinds of workshops and events to help you update your skills or build the new ones you need!

  1. We help find you apprenticeship placements

Want to learn skills on the job? Why not consider an apprenticeship! We’ve got a great network of professionals who are always looking for hard-working apprentices with the added bonus of getting to “earn while you learn”!

  1. We’re in the know & you can be too with our awesome community job board

Have you checked out our job board lately? We are always updating it with great local positions that may be right up your alley, many of them not requiring post-secondary school! With so many unique industries in our area, we bet you’ll find an opportunity that really excites you!

No post-secondary? No problem. Even without a post-secondary education, there are lots of opportunities and industries that are looking for someone just like you, with your unique skills and talents. Don’t let your education level stand in the way of an amazing career. Start your search at Focus Employment Services & we’ll help you land a job you love! Visit one of our locations today or call us 1-877-513-0187 to learn more.