Portrait of senior adult food plant worker in sterile white uniform holding tray with cookies and giving thumbs up. Food plant interior.

Just because you’ve retired from one career doesn’t mean your working years are over. In fact, many retirees find working during retirement to be a fun and fulfilling addition to their day to day routine, not to mention the added benefit of supplemental income! However, returning to the job market can be intimidating and downright overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to help you find that perfect part-time gig for your post-retirement life!

  1. You’ve got a wealth of experience, showcase it

One thing mature job seekers often forget when they are re-entering the workforce is the advantage of the experience they have! Employers are always looking for highly-qualified people to fill roles and with years of experience to draw on; you may be just the candidate they need! When applying for jobs, highlight your years of experience and you’ll be surprised at how you stand out in the candidate pool!

  1. Use your network

Whether it be friends and neighbours, past employers or industry contacts, call around to the people you know (and who know you). They may know of something that would be perfect for you that isn’t otherwise advertised! By taking advantage of your network, you may find some exciting opportunities you never even thought of and that fits your needs perfectly.

  1. Expand your horizons

Just because you’ve worked in a specific role during your career doesn’t mean you’re limited to that role or industry in retirement! Use your transferable skills in a consulting role, or explore entirely different roles or industries!

  1. Keep your resume short & sweet

Your years of experience are a valuable asset to employers, but let them learn that through your skills and knowledge on the job! Keep your resume short and sweet, highlighting your most recent experience and skills, and update the language to reflect the modern job market.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Sometimes the hardest part of job searching is finding where to start! There are so many different job options and finding one that best suits you can be tricky. At Focus, we’ve got tools to not only get you started but to help you land the role you want, too! If you’ve decided to return to work, we’d love to help you find your next job!

Our friendly staff can offer several resources to make your job search effective AND enjoyable! With workshops to update your skills, job postings from great local employers and services to help update your resume, cover letter and more, your next job is closer than you might think! Stop by one of our locations either in Alliston or Angus today to get started.