Running your own business means you’re always on the lookout for exceptional talent. After all, teamwork makes the dream work, so you want to be sure your team is highly skilled and ready to excel in their roles. That means you need individuals that are willing to work hard, adapt, and commit to your business with the same enthusiasm you bring to the table every day! Who can you look to for these amazing qualities and more? How about the often-underestimated candidate pool of mature applicants?

If you’ve got mature applicants applying for your role, consider yourself lucky! Each generation is known for skills and ideals that set them apart, and mature workers are no exception. In fact, mature workers are often associated with valuable skills like reliability, professionalism, and maturity that make for powerful assets in any team.

In fact, here are 3 great reasons to hire a mature applicant

Having a reliable team is so much more than having someone who shows up every day. In order to keep your business running smoothly, you want your staff to be dedicated to their role and their productivity. Mature workers often bring skills like attention to detail, focus, and problem-solving to their everyday tasks, so their quality of work is unparalleled!

From communication and listening to workplace culture and training, mature workers forego “holdbacks” like office politics in favour of upholding excellent standards of professionalism. When onboarding a mature team member, you’ll likely find that they learn quickly and are eager to help and participate in the team thanks to the skills they’ve learned in their years of work experience. These sought-after skills include things like sincerity, dedication to their role, oral and written communication, customer care and so much more!

The best teams consist of a diverse group of members. Including different generations on your team means that the members of each generation are working side by side towards a common goal, learning from each other and pushing the team to grow their skills collectively. Your mature staff will teach your younger staff highly valued skills in areas like professionalism and customer service while your younger staff may teach the older members skills in areas such as tech or company culture.

As an employer, you want to make smart hires that result in more efficient business operations. Usually, that means you’re looking to build a team that’s as dedicated to your company as you are. When you’re ready to hire applicants that bring their best selves to work every day, consider the skills that mature workers bring to the table. With a diverse team that includes mature staff members, your team’s skill set will be unmatched without limit in terms of what you can accomplish overall! Contact Focus Employment Services when you’re ready to hire, and we can connect you with the best talent this side of Lake Simcoe — Contact us today to get started in Alliston (705)435-9821, Angus (705)424-6335, Beeton or Tottenham 1-877-513-0187.