It’s common in business to have a few staffing issues from time to time, such as with recruitment, training or toxic work environments for example. However, one of the biggest issues employers can face is that of having high staff turnover. No sooner does one staff member leave, then a new one gets hired and trained, and within weeks or months, another one is out the door. It’s costly, it’s time consuming, it reduces morale for existing staff and it gives your business a bad reputation. While many employers may chalk it up to it being the ‘new norm’ when hiring, there’s more to low staff retention than that.

Let’s have a look at some key workplace issues that may be causing that high staff turnover. By recognizing and addressing these issues in your environment, you will not only ward off the revolving door syndrome, you’ll gain loyal, committed staff who share your vision and values and help propel your company (and profits) forward.

1. Hire carefully

Don’t rush your interview and screening processes. Get to know your candidates, tell them everything they need to know about their duties, work environment, hours of work, needed skill sets, pay, vacation and so on. Let them ask lots of questions, and make sure they will be a solid match for you and your vision. Once hired, take the time to onboard them thoroughly and make them feel valued for their individual and team contributions.

2. Have competitive wages

Find out what your competitors are paying and either match it or beat it. Offer benefits as well that are in line with your industry. While you may be a fun place of employment with leading technology and training, it often comes down to employees needing to earn enough to cover their expenses.

3. Offer flexibility

There are many industries where all that’s needed is a computer and some software to get the job done. If your valued staff are run ragged with a long commute, a head cold, sick child, or they simply work better from home, let them. You can still evaluate the quality and timing of their work remotely. You can also offer flex time and lieu time for working late or coming in early to encourage productivity as well as an improved work/life balance. Flexibility can also mean switching things up from time to time and having fun. Order in pizza on a particularly busy day, let them leave early one Friday of a long weekend, or allow them to bring in their pet. A lack of company culture can be the deal-breaker that sends your staff packing.

4. Check in regularly

Communicate openly with your staff about their duties, expectations, resources, training and so on. Be sure they know about the company’s vision and how they fit in. Make it a practice every few months to review performance and wages, especially if new tasks and responsibilities have been added or removed from their workload. Allow them to share their concerns as well as their short-term and long-term goals around their job (and future job goals) and foster an environment that moves them forward as they continue to demonstrate their commitment and value.

5. Provide training and advancement opportunities

Few people are happy to stay in the same position with the same job duties for years at a time. Your staff want to learn more and advance, so allow that to happen whenever possible or you will risk losing them to other companies. When you invest in your staff, they feel valued and see that you’re committed to them and their careers, which in turn increases productivity and morale.

6. Do an exit interview

On an employee’s last day, ask them to fill out an online or paper questionnaire about their work experience (you’ll get more honest results than in person where they may feel intimidated). Questions can include topics such as their onboarding/training experience, what they enjoyed most, least, why they are leaving and what suggestions they have for improvement. If you start to see a pattern, you know what areas to focus on within your business.

High staff turnover is usually quite avoidable. By making even a few thoughtful, yet strategic changes to your current practices, it can make the difference between keeping and losing your valued staff. For any questions you may have about recruitment, screening, onboarding, training or staff retention, be sure to talk to the staff at Focus Employment Services. We’re here to support local businesses in Angus, Alliston, Beeton, Tottenham and beyond. Your success is our success! Reach out today; we look forward to working with you.