Just like how you make new years resolutions for your personal life, to be successful in your job search in the new year, you have to set goals and work towards them. If you have been feeling discouraged look at this new year as an opportunity to reset and restart. To help you get started off on the right foot we’ve put together this quick checklist for you:

1. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile

Start this year by refreshing and updating your resume and LinkedIn profile. Make sure that all of your most recent and relevant accomplishments are listed on both your traditional resume and your LinkedIn profile. When your information is up to date, it will make it much easier for you to apply to that dream job right away when it comes along. If you need help updating your resume or LinkedIn profile, our knowledgeable staff at FOCUS Employment Services is always happy to help! We offer services like resume building, interview skill workshops, and more that can assist you in finding employment.

2. Clean up your social media

After you have updated your resume and LinkedIn profile, work on reviewing your social media accounts. There are some employers that will look at your social media pages to get a better gauge of your personality to see if you would fit in with their team. Make sure that you present yourself in the best possible light online and that there aren’t any questionable posts they might be disappointed to see. If there is anything that you wouldn’t want potential employers to see, consider tidying that up and reviewing your privacy settings to at least hide them from anyone publicly searching you out.

3. Build up your skillset

Now that all of your information is clean and updated, its time to think about building up your skillset. Constantly seeking to broaden your knowledge and learn new skills shows initiative and commitment to learning. Check out this blog post to learn what soft skills are most in demand right now or take a look at our workshops and events for more learning opportunities and ways to prepare yourself for a successful job search in the new year.

4. Make new connections

As you are setting goals for this new year, don’t forget about networking. Making professional connections is an important part of the job search journey that should not be overlooked. While the thought of networking might not make you jump for joy with excitement, it can help you obtain job leads and referrals. Having professional connections can also be a great source of advice and support as you go through the interview processes. If you’re nervous about interviewing ask a colleague to interview you with typical questions so you can grow your confidence in preparation.

Looking for a job is always going to require diligence and effort but if you set great, attainable goals and follow through with them then your job search in the new year is sure to be a success. Need some help with that? FOCUS Employment Services is here to guide you in your search! We’ve got resume building services, local job postings, workshops and more to help you make the most of your job search and land that next rung on your career ladder!