The holiday season is upon us and for many, that means working a temporary seasonal position. While there are many benefits to seasonal employment, it is just a short-term fix for someone looking for more permanent work. Fortunately, seasonal work can be used as an opportunity to turn a temporary job into a permanent one. To help you make this transition here are several things you can do to increase your chances of turning that seasonal job into a permanent position:

Show up on time every day

The first step to being on your way to becoming a permanent employee is to show up on time every day. Better yet, treat your seasonal job as an extended job interview and show up early for your shifts to help yourself prepare and get into the right mindset. Getting to work early can help you feel more in control of your day and be ready to tackle your tasks.

Have a positive attitude

Having a positive attitude toward your work is one of the best ways to set yourself apart at your seasonal job. It is a noticeable trait that shows your enthusiasm for the job and will help you stand out to customers, co-workers, and management. Keep in mind that employers would much rather hire someone who looks like they want to be there rather than someone who is just going through the motions.

Go the extra mile

If you want to be hired as a permanent employee, it’s important that you make your best efforts to express your commitment to the company. Some ways to show that you are a reliable and valuable employee is by being flexible, covering shifts for your co-workers, and staying late to make sure all the work gets done. If you put in your best efforts and consistently work hard, it will stand out.

Make connections

Focus on networking and making connections with managers, employees, and co-workers who have permanent positions. When it comes to hiring post-seasonal employees, these are the people that could influence those decisions. Don’t be afraid to express your enthusiasm for the positions and why you feel you fit in within the company.

Let Your Employer Know

Do not expect your employer to know your interests in post-seasonal employment if you’ve never told them about it. Letting your employer know that you are interested in staying with the company and transitioning to a permanent position will help set expectations and keep you in the forefront of their mind when the topic comes up. Be sure not to leave this until the last minute when they might have already made these decisions.

Being a great employee is the best way to increase your chances of landing that full-time position.  However, even if you don’t get offered a full-time position after working hard all season, you still would have gained valuable experience, improved your skills, grown your knowledge, made connections and expanded your network! Furthermore, if you don’t get hired right away, it’s possible that you will get a call as soon as a position becomes available in the future. If you would like to learn more about keeping seasonal jobs or finding permanent work, be sure to connect with our expert team at FOCUS Employment Services! We offer many amazing services, workshops, and can give you lots of helpful tips and tricks for getting that job that you want.