Some of us work to live and others live to work. Retirement isn’t always what we expect it to be once we’ve crossed the finish line into our golden years. For many Canadians in retirement, it can be a personal shock for those who go straight from working full time to not working at all. When people are transitioning into retirement, they can begin to feel the following according to the University of Alberta:

– identity disruption
– decision paralysis
– loss of self trust
– loss of and search for meaningful engagement in society
– death anxiety

Some Canadians also aren’t as financially capable of being retired as they had anticipated and therefore need to have a part-time job. For whatever reason you may be deciding to go back to work (whether it’s to cure retirement boredom or to continue having an income) here are some helpful tips to help you transition back into workplace life.

Try something new

It’s never too late to learn something new, so why not take this opportunity to try a different profession. Is there a field of work you’ve always wanted to try or always found fascinating? By challenging yourself to a different role than what you’ve worked in the past, it can help you gain more perspective and keep you excited and motivated. Especially if your biggest concern is staying busy and keeping the retirement blues at bay, learning a new job is an excellent way to stay busy and keep the gears turning. Have an idea of what type of job you’re looking for (part-time, full-time, etc.) and see what your local job postings are in high demand of. If you need some inspiration, check out this blog post from our website for flexible job options for retirees.

Know your limits

As we age, our bodies begin to function in different ways. We are not the same at 65 as we are at 25 – so know your working limits. Has it been a few years since you’ve worked? Start off with a couple of shifts a week and slowly increase your work availability. You don’t want to physically or mentally drain yourself by jumping right back into a full-time position. Think carefully about the type of workload you want. Are you still capable of doing physical labour? How heavy of a workload are you OK to take on? Find what level of work you are capable of and comfortable working at and work around those limits.

Find something that gives you meaning

Are you looking to bring something back to your community or just a put a smile on someone’s face? As mentioned above, many retirees have a difficult time feeling as though they aren’t engaging with society in a meaningful way anymore. If you aren’t looking for a job for the income, a volunteer position would be a fun and really fulfilling way to bring a sense of meaningfulness back into your life. The best way to get motivated at your new job is to really feel passionate and empowered by the role you’re in. Don’t forget to give your mental health the TLC it needs. If you’re not happy in your job or role, it can begin to affect your psychological state. These are your golden years so live them well!

Do you feel ready and excited about re-joining the workforce but not sure where to start? With the innovative job-searching tools we have available here at FOCUS Employment Services, we can help. Look no further for your perfect job match to help you get back into the game. Our employment counsellors at our Alliston or Angus locations are happy to assist you in making your retirement woes a thing of the past. Stop by one of our locations today and see what type of job best suits what you’re looking for.