As technology advances, so do our everyday lives. With new innovative job-searching tools available online, many companies are making the switch to using the world wide web to look for new employees. Employers can now easily post available positions online to reach a wider audience of job-searchers giving them more options for potential candidates. However, what this may also mean is that as a job searcher, you may be competing with more people for a specific job. That is why we’re here. With these tips and tricks, we can help you create a great online portfolio so you can land that perfect job.

How to prepare

Any good job search starts with a solid resume. Be sure that everything on your resume is up-to-date and completely free of any errors. Be sure to have references available upon request and a professional e-mail address employers can contact you at. Now, any good online job search starts with a great online presence. Create an account on existing job sites and subscribe to job posting updates in your area. Also, be sure to check out the FOCUS Employment Services online job board frequently to stay up to date with local postings. Those are the basics, but what happens when you Google your name? Be sure that when employers search for you online (which many employers may do) there isn’t anything inappropriate that comes up. Create a profile on LinkedIn WITH A PHOTO OF YOURSELF to help employers find you and review your resume and work experience (again, remember to make sure everything is up to date, and your profile is set to ‘actively looking for a job’).

Know what you want – narrow your search

It’s important to go into your job-search knowing exactly what you want. Don’t just apply for everything available if you know that certain jobs don’t interest you or that you don’t have the qualifications for the role. During the job-hunting process, it can be discouraging at times because maybe you’re not getting the number of responses you would like or maybe things are just moving too slowly. DON’T PANIC. Job applications can take employers a long time to go through, especially if there are a lot of applicants.

Filling out applications online

Some job-search engines make it very easy for people to apply online. All you have to do is upload a resume and hit “apply” and you’re good to go. However, there are a few different types of postings and it’s important to follow these little tricks when applying online.

1. Read job postings carefully: When you’re looking at a job posting online, be sure to read it all the way through to make sure you are qualified for the job and following every step of the application process. As an example, let’s say you’re on, a popular job-search website that makes it easy for employers and employees to find the perfect match. Sometimes a job posting will say “Apply Now” which easily allows you to apply for a job by sending the resume you’ve uploaded to the website. Don’t do that! Be careful that you’re not just hitting “apply” for these jobs because there might be extra steps that the employer provided to be followed in the job description. Sometimes they ask for you to e-mail a portfolio or cover letter separately or ask you to go to their website to apply instead.

2. Tailor your resume for different applications: don’t just upload the same resume and hit ‘apply’ be sure that the resume you submit in an application has the right keywords and is tailored to the job post specifically.

3. Don’t leave any section blank: If there’s a section on an online application that says optional, try to fill it in anyway. For example, an application may give you the option to upload a cover letter, in which case you should create a cover letter and upload one to the application. The more initiative you take and the more ways you can show off your skills, the better. Remember, applying online you may have more competition, so you want to stand out from the rest.

4. Do your research: You don’t want to apply for jobs you’re not interested in or nowhere near your field of study. Research the company you’re applying to first before submitting your application to make sure the company is one you feel would be a good fit for you personally. Not to mention that doing some research on the company before an interview can earn you bonus points if they ask what you know about them or their services.

5. Stand out: Be creative with your application and online presence. If possible, create a website to showcase yourself. Having your own personal website is a great way to show employers what you can do. Give examples of your work and show yourself in the best light. As an example, if you are a photographer looking for work, post examples of your photographs online for employers to see.

Employment tests

The issue with applying online for employers is that they don’t get to meet you face-to-face to assess your personality before an interview. Dropping off a resume in person is always a great way to meet an employer and make an impression on them. However, when you’re applying online, there’s no opportunity to do that. That is why many employers now have personality tests or talent assessments available online to get a better understanding of you personally and whether you will be a strong fit or not for their company. There are tons of different tests available for employers to use for assessment, but one keynote when filling out these applications is to just be yourself. Don’t answer how you think someone wants you to answer and be honest with your answers. Be sure to take your time and read them carefully as well to make sure you’re not making mistakes.

Overall, job searches can sometimes be extensive and exhausting. That is why our number one tip for you is to keep going and don’t get discouraged! Sometimes finding the right job can feel impossible but there’s a job for everyone, and if you’re patient you’ll find one that will be everything you wanted and more so don’t give up. If you would like to learn more about how to prepare for your job search or how to find the perfect job for you, we have everything you need at FOCUS Employment Services. We have the right tools and a reliable team of expert job counsellors available to help you with your job search. Visit us at one of our locations in Alliston or Angus today and let’s get started!