As more and more employers move their job application process online, we’ve started seeing an increase in online aptitude tests. These tests are designed to evaluate your knowledge and job qualifications in one or more areas of expertise. They are put in place to filter more potential employees for their business and to see who best fits the available role – sometimes even before meeting you in person. These tests can be intimidating for many of us because they can cause a lot of stress. However, these are five simple tips you can use to prepare for an aptitude test to put your best foot forward!
1. Practice aptitude tests online.
There are a few different websites that offer practice aptitude tests, so you can prepare yourself ahead of time. By doing these practice tests, you can be ready for the different types of questions they may ask you on the test, as well as how long you should spend on each question.
2. Do the test on a desktop and be prepared to do some math and quick thinking.
You will more than likely do the test on a computer, so if you aren’t already, it’s best to practice taking aptitude tests on a desktop computer (instead of printing out practice tests). Also, depending on the field of work you’re applying for, you may need to do some math so make sure you’re prepared by having a calculator handy, or even a blank piece of paper and pencil to do some quick math.

3. Ask about the test beforehand to prepare.
If you’re informed about the aptitude test from your (potential) employer, don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s best to know roughly how much time you have to take the test or how many questions there are on the test. The more you know about the test, the more you can prepare for it. Also, be sure to ask if there is anything specific you should have with you when you take the test. By asking the employer about the test, it shows you really care and you have the right initiative – so don’t feel bad for having questions!
4. Read through the questions CAREFULLY!
The questions on an aptitude test are sometimes worded in a way that can make it easy to misinterpret what is being asked of you. It’s done this way on purpose to test your focus and how you understand specific instructions. It’s important obviously to read through everything carefully but try not to get stuck on any questions either. Remember, pacing is key! An hour may seem like a lot of time, but it can fly by quickly when you’re taking a test.
5. Eat, sleep and don’t stress!
Make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before taking the test and eat beforehand (you don’t want to be in the middle of the test thinking about how hungry you are!). Most importantly: don’t stress! Just take your time and do the best you can. Again, the more practice tests you do beforehand, the more prepared you will be. The more prepared you are, the less stressed you will feel.
Don’t let an aptitude test be the source of any anxiety for you during your job search – you’ve got this! Just prepare, practice and be yourself! Want to learn more about how to prepare for your job hunt and how to land the perfect job? At FOCUS Employment Services we are experts in job searches and can help connect you to the right employer in your field! Check us out online or give us a call at 1-877-516-0187 for more information! We can’t wait to help you get started so you can finally discover your dream job! Our job isn’t done until you’ve found yours.