Skilled trade work is an excellent career path to take for many reasons. As many of the baby boomers now begin to retire, more positions in the trade fields are beginning to open up. Not to mention how great the pay is for many trade professions. However, if you really want to stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs after you’ve completed your program, you should consider getting extra experience by participating in apprenticeships. For certain restricted trades such as electrical work, an apprenticeship is usually mandatory in order to complete your training. However, if it’s optional for you, here are just 3 reasons why you should consider taking on an apprenticeship.

1. Learn valuable skills outside of the classroom.

There are just certain things you can’t learn in a classroom. With an apprenticeship, you are placed in an actual work environment. Get real-world experience and tips from those who work in the field every day. Learn from a tradesperson and ask them questions about the trade and what their secrets are. What are common mistakes or misconceptions about the field of work you’re going into? How do they like working in that trade? Is there a specific certification they wished they had gotten while in school? The best way to learn the job is by doing the job.

2. Earn while you learn.

With a skilled trades apprenticeship program, you’re paid as an employee during your apprenticeship which is an awesome perk considering many internships in other programs only offer unpaid internships. For many students, the major concern is paying for your education and being able to afford tuition. A paid apprenticeship will not only help alleviate that financial stress, but you’re also gaining valuable knowledge and skills you can apply to your future occupation. Who doesn’t want to get paid to learn?

3. The more experience you have, the better.

There’s no such thing as being too qualified for the job you want. Nothing looks better on a resume than having extra work experience in the field you’re applying to work in. Apprenticeships show your future employer that you have both the education and the right job experience to work with them, along with the go-getter attitude to put in the extra work to get ahead. It also shows you have taken the extra initiative to make the most of your learning process.

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