The Team

The Team

The TeamFOCUS has a great team of people who are all skilled and specialized in their own ways. There are two Resource Centres; Alliston and Angus which are opened Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:30pm with extended hours on Wednesday’s from 9:00am – 7:00pm.

As part of our Outreach program, appointments with a representative from FOCUS can be arranged at the  Tottenham Chamber of Commerce and the Beeton Library on request. Contact us at (705) 435-9821 for more information.

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If you are looking for help, we are here to assist!

Below is a staff listing to help better direct your inquiry:

Executive Director: 

Mike MacEachern     (705) 435-9821 x114      linkedin-icon

Program Coordinator: 

Anne Myles                 (705) 435-9821  x117

Team Lead Alliston:

Miriam Baldwin          (705) 435-9821  x111 

If you’re looking for work, we can help!

Resource & Information Specialists:

Alliston: (705) 435-9821         

Tracy Paulson              x101      
 Dan Young                  x120        

Angus:    (705) 424-6335         

Diana Shaughnessy    x403         

Client Service Professionals – Alliston (705) 435-9821:

Tina Saggese                 x112         
Jaycee Antlej                x107      
Angela Adams              x138      

Client Service Professionals – Angus (705) 424-6335:

Christine Bouthoorn   x404         Bilingual
Dorothy Lenders          x405   

If you are looking for employees, we can help!

Employer Services Professionals:

Alliston: (705) 435-9821

Miriam Baldwin              x111  – Team Lead 
Lisa Griffin                       x137    
Nicole King                      x115
Mirele Rosw                    x110

Angus: (705) 424-6335

Nicole King                      x406               

Want to Post a Job?

Lisa Griffin (705) 435-9821 x137   


Ontario Disability Support Program – Employment Supports  (705) 435-9821

Sara Payson     x106        Alliston   – Team Lead

Sherri Stirpe    x121        Alliston


Marketing, Data Management, Facilities (705) 435-9821

Roseanne Corbett    x102              Alliston

Accounting (705) 435-9821

Andrea Gibb             x116             Alliston