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Matthew Van Crest

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Christian Horizons provides community-oriented support services and assisted-living programs for people who experience developmental disabilities. Our goal is to promote belonging and to build communities in which everybody is welcomed as a full participant, with valuable gifts to contribute.

With over 3,500 employees, Christian Horizons serves people who experience disabilities in over 300 locations throughout Ontario and Saskatchewan. Christian Horizons seeks those who demonstrate the skills, experience and character needed to deliver effective supports to people with developmental disabilities. We seek employees who are excited about our vision, mission and values and desire to enhance the lives of people we support. We believe everyone has a unique purpose and unique gifts to share.

Our diverse work locations offer placement opportunities for students enrolled in Developmental Service Worker, Social Service Worker, Behavioural Science Technology and Child and Youth Worker programs, as well as most programs in the areas of Recreation and Leisure, Health and Wellness, and Community Development.

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