Canada Ontario Job Grant (COJG)

    COJG helps employers invest in their workforce.
    Small employers (fewer than 100 employees) can receive funding to cover 83% of training costs.

    In some cases, small employers may qualify for funding of up to 100% of training costs (if they are training an unemployed new hire).

    This program supports unemployed individuals, and enhances job creation, quality and advancement opportunities.

    For more information please contact:
    Marjorie Perez at

    Becoming The Boss

    FOCUS offers a wage subsidy for employers hiring and training a new employee through Becoming the Boss. Employers can access a wage subsidy of up to $7 per hour for 28 hours per week while participants complete a five week work placement.

    After the placement, employers can receive a wage subsidy of up to $7 per hour for 35 hours per week for 14 weeks.

    FOCUS will continue to provide support and help your new hire become a valuable, long-term employee. Learn more about the Becoming The Boss program.

    Job Posting

    Post your job for free. We will collect applications and pre-screen candidates for you.

    Professional Development Workshops

    We offer free virtual and in-person workshops for employers! Have a specific topic in mind? Let us know at


    Let us recommend a candidate. You could be eligible for our incentives program to help you cover the cost of training a new hire.

    Meeting Rooms

    We can provide you with space to meet with candidates or employees. Our workshop rooms are equipped with SMART boards, Wi-Fi and desk space.

    HR Assistance

    Let us support you. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

    Job Trials

    FOCUS can cover up to 100% of wages for a new hire for a limited period of time!

    Extended Agreements

    Following a job trial, you may receive additional funding of up to $4000 per placement.

    Employer Signing Bonus

    Hire and train a skill-trade apprentice. Receive $1000 when you register an apprentice, plus an additional $1000 if they are still employed with you six months later.

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    Employer supports are offered to business owners who need help finding staff.