Enroll in Becoming the Boss and get PAID to learn!

This program helps young individuals (aged 15 to 29) navigate the labour market. Participants prepare for employment by developing skills like problem solving and communication and gain practical business and industry-specific knowledge. The program runs in both Alliston and Angus with work placements in these and surrounding areas.

Becoming the Boss helps participants to explore real-world careers and meet their employment goals, all while being paid! This program pays participants $16.55/hour.

Life-stabilizing supports like childcare and transportation are available (at no cost).

If you or someone you know is interested in Becoming the Boss, please text or call 705-716-5595 or email your resume and cover letter to: youthatwork@focuscdc.on.ca .

A young white woman with glasses sits at a computer. The graphics mention the Becoming The Boss Program facilitated by Focus

Level 1

A half-day program that runs for four weeks. Learning includes career decision making, resume workshop, interview skills, culture and etiquette as well as a workplace simulation program.

Level 2

A five-week work experience with mentorship support. Participants gather once weekly for workshops on time management, teamwork and conflict resolution.

Level 3

A 14-week work placement with mentorship support. This option is ideal for young workers who wish to establish ongoing employment and a strong working relationship with their new employer.

Level 4

Participants work with business experts and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to run a business.

Level 4 runs for 14 weeks.